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Which is Better: Mobile Crane or Fixed/Tower Crane?

Mobile or tower: this is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Wildmans Cranes, so we thought we’d help shed some light on the difference between the two crane types.


Mobile cranes and tower cranes both have benefits but let’s start with the biggest cranes of all, fixed or tower cranes.


Tower Cranes

These cranes, the largest in the world, offer unmatched height, lift and load capacity, perfect for skyscrapers and large-scale construction projects. Taking days to construct and requiring a team of operators, tower cranes are the ones you see on top of large buildings in the city.


For most commercial or residential lifting operations, the advantages to hiring a mobile crane far outweigh those of hiring a tower crane.


Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are road-worthy vehicles, meaning they can be driven to any location at any time and can also be used to transport materials. These cranes perfect for busy sites or in urban areas.


The franna mobile crane is a versatile work horse, capable of moving heavy loads, accessing confined areas, and for any general purpose crane work. One of the most sought-after cranes in the industry due to their excellent manoeuvrability and small footprint, franna cranes are perfect for small and cramped sites in which larger, bulkier cranes wouldn’t have room to move around.


Here are our top 5 reasons for hiring a Wildmans mobile franna crane:


  1. Mobility: mobile franna cranes can go almost anywhere and require a small amount of space to operate safely.


  1. Compact and versatile: their relatively small size means they can manoeuvre into tight spaces on smaller sites, perfect for inner city jobs.


  1. Strength: mobile cranes feature multiple attachments, with a large lift capacity.


  1. Fast set up: simply drive the crane to the required site, stabilise and you are ready to lift.


  1. Cost efficient: the cost of hiring a tower crane can be prohibitive, whereas a mobile franna crane is reasonably priced. This is mostly due to you only needing to hire a crane for a short amount of time.


Wildmans Cranes is home to a fleet of mobile franna cranes for hire, our fleet and expertise is perfect for your next project.

Wildmans Franna Crane Hire Sydney

Here at Wildmans Cranes, we’ve spent the last twenty years growing our family business and cementing our reputation for fair pricing and efficient, safe lift jobs.


Our fleet includes a range of franna, city, and mobile slewing class cranes at a range of tonnage and our operators receive ongoing training, ensuring they are qualified in the most recent crane lifting techniques.


Contact us today for Crane and Lifting Services in Sydney

If you have a lifting job and want the most efficient, highly trained and professional mobile crane hire crews in the Sydney area, call Wildmans Cranes today.

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