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When Do You Need A Small Crane

Completing a project is significantly easier when we have the right team and tools- and this extends to all equipment used, including cranes. In this article, we cover small cranes and when they should be used on a project.

What is A Small Crane?

Cranes which are small and compact are labelled small cranes. They often have a spider leg outward appearance, and as such are sometimes called spider cranes too.

As small cranes are lightweight, they can either be driven into the enclosed space or lifted to a site by another crane or a service elevator.

Benefits of Small Cranes

Mini cranes are ideal for light lifting in small, tight places, however, that is not the full extent of their benefits.

Variety of Options

Although the name may sound limiting, small cranes actually come in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller designs at 1.7-tonne units to larger designs that can handle 15-tonne capacity. This means that even though they are small, they still provide a large amount of power.

This means they also provide freedom and flexibility. No matter whether you require a crane for construction or heavy installation, if you need a crane for a small place, there is a small crane that can meet your needs.

Hiring a Small Crane

Many businesses choose to simply hire a small crane instead of outright buying it. This may be because they do not require it for every construction job or for daily usage. In this case, not only do they save money on not buying a crane upfront, but they also don’t have the expense of organising insurance and storage, hiring an operator and then providing training.

Alongside this, they don’t have to commit to any single crane: they have the choice of which small crane is best suited for their project.

In mini crane hire, repairs and maintenance are both covered by the hiring company, meaning one less thing for the business to worry about. They simply select the crane they need to successfully complete their project, without any side hassles.

When Would You Need A Small Crane

Mini cranes are most commonly employed when a crane is needed in a tight space, or if they need to enter a confined area where other cranes wouldn’t be able to operate. Within that limited space, they can operate in a variety of ways. Some businesses use them for construction work, such as plant maintenance, steel assembly and air conditioning installation, whilst others use mini cranes to move heavy building materials, such as steel beams and sewer pipes, alongside equipment.

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Wildmans Cranes understands the complexities of crane hire and project completion, so if you have any questions about this article or about our small cranes or mini cranes, do not hesitate to contact us. With over 20 years of combined experience, Wildmans Cranes will be able to assist you to the best of our abilities. We are available online or by calling 0400 213 032 or 02 4731 6166.

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