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What Type Of Crane Should I Hire For My Next Project?

Having the right tool for the job will always make the job easier. The same can be said for cranes, which is why in this guide, we explore which type of crane will be best suited for your project needs.


Franna Crane Hire

If your project involves relocating items efficiently, safely and quickly – a Franna crane is recommended for you. One of the most sought-after cranes in the industry, the Franna is praised for its mobility and ease of use, making it ideal for projects involving lifting, moving and relocating.


City Crane Hire

When it comes to sites with restricted access requiring a tall lift and the performance to manage heavy loads, a city crane is an ideal solution. They are versatile and compact, with the ability to be used in a wide variety of situations. They have an adjustable turning circle and long boom configuration, making them ideal for tight spaces requiring a crane.

Whether it is a residential or commercial construction project, a city crane can be deployed to site very fast – so if you require a crane that will fit where other cranes may not, a city crane is perfect for the job.


Slewing Crane Hire

Slewing cranes are also known as general-purpose cranes. They are used for a variety of construction, general-purpose and heavy industry work. This is due to their high lifting capacity, alongside their ability to rotate and reach 360 degrees and the amount of control offered with them, as they have very precise movements.

They are also favoured due to their ability to be deployed in tight spaces, as well as the fact that they can easily be set up and moved on. If you require a crane that can be used in tight spaces multiple times per day, a slewing crane is a good option.


All-Terrain Crane Hire

Not all sites are built alike: some may be on rough terrain, others on smooth. In this case, the all-terrain crane is useful. It is able to operate on any surface, whether it be sand or asphalt. Best of all, they don’t require transportation to the site on a separate vehicle, saving time and money.

With all the speed and compactness of a mobile truck crane, alongside the off-road capability of a rough terrain crane, the all-terrain crane provides a great solution for your next hard to reach site.


Call Us To Discuss Which Crane Best Suits Your Needs

Completing your project will be easier if you choose a crane that is best suited for those needs. We understand that hiring a crane can be a long and difficult process, so if you have any questions about this article or about any of our crane fleets, do not hesitate to contact us. With over 20 years of combined experience, Wildmans Cranes will be able to assist you to the best of our abilities. We are available online or by calling 0400 213 032 or 02 4731 6166.

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