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What To Know Before Hiring A Crane

Choosing a Crane

A crane is a great asset for lifting solutions in the workplace, however if you don’t identify the correct criteria when selecting a crane, there can be disastrous consequences. Therefore, here are a few things you should look for in a crane. The first is whether there are any safe access points, this includes ladders and footholds, whether the seat design is not only comfortable but provides good back support, thirdly what the visibility is like from the driver’s seat and lastly whether the crane has a temperature control unit.


Hiring a Crane

The process of hiring a crane is not as simple as picking out a crane and signing on the dotted line. There are duties which must be carried out by the parties involved. Firstly, anyone who is hiring or leasing a crane has a duty as a supplier and as a person with control or management of the crane at your workplace.  It is their responsibility to ensure the crane is properly maintained and that they provide you with specific information on how to operate the crane in a controlled and safe manner. The crane hire company can also help you decipher whether you simply need a crane or if you need a licensed crew as well.


Inspection & Safety Checks

Before a crane can be used safely, there must be a major inspection of the cranes, a regular inspection and testing of the machine, as well as inspection and testing for the crane’s re-registration.

There are also safety checks which must be completed in the environment the crane will be used in. this includes whether the environment will be wet and windy, and what the ground load bearing capacity is. It will also need to be checked that no structures or other nearby machines will affect or be affected by the crane.

The installation will need to be carried out by a competent person under supervision to ensure the components are assembled correctly and that the right tools are used for this process. This installation will also need to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and the technical standards. Equipment such as limit switches and load indication devices as well as crane stability will also need to be tested.


Licenses to Operate Cranes

Crane operators in Australia must have obtained a High Risk Work License which matches the class of crane you will be operating except for specific circumstances which include when a crane is being moved (this includes loading and unloading the machine from a vehicle) and when dismantling the crane.


Where to Hire Cranes in Sydney?

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