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Ultimate Guide for Crane Safety

Did you know that according to Safe Work Australia:


“On average there are around 240 serious injury claims every year. The most common causes of injuries are muscular stress while handling objects (21%), being hit by moving objects (16%), falls from a height (11%), being trapped between stationary and moving objects (8%) and being hit by falling objects (7%).”


Here at Wildmans Cranes we take crane safety very seriously and are committed to keeping our workplace accident-free. When you’re working with cranes, there will likely always be some kind of hazard around, from the elemental (winds, rain) to the environmental (uneven or loose surfaces). But it is possible to minimise the risks by taking appropriate precautions before operations begin.


We’ve created this ultimate guide for crane safety to show you how we have become one of the most respected crane companies in Sydney.


1.    Safety plan before commencing the job

Properly safety-plan all jobs before starting work. You must also decide who’s in charge of pre-job safety planning prior to any cranes arriving on-site.


2.    Wear appropriate PPE

All employees must wear appropriate protective foot, head and eye protection, along with any other PPE you identify in your risk assessment.


3.    Have a supervisor present on site when cranes are operating

By having a supervisor present on site when cranes are in operation you are more likely to avoid a workplace incident. Their experience and professionalism will allow them to identify risks promptly and take action to avoid an accident.


4.    Ensure appropriate ongoing training

Continuously training your employees will result in an increase workplace safety. This in turn leads to better employee job satisfaction as you reduce injuries, accidents and sickness absences. At Wildmans Cranes we require all our employees to under rigorous and ongoing training


5.    Avoid standing under loads

Clearly communicate how important it is to avoid standing under loads. Back this up by ensuring operators know never to lift a load over an employee.


6.    Complete regular maintenance of equipment

Regular maintenance of all mobile crane hire equipment is essential to ensure incident free lifts. It is part of a crane hire company’s legal responsibility to conduct routine, periodic maintenance and repairs. This ensures all machinery is in safe working order.


7.    Communicate your load and lifting limits

Inform all employees of load and lifting limits, and strictly enforce adhering to these.


8.    Display clear warning signals onsite when needed

Hazard signs must be clearly displayed in all danger zones on-site warning employees of the potential dangers. Keep employees fully trained in identifying the warning signs, so they know when they are entering a hazardous area.


Why hire a Wildmans Crane?

Here at Wildmans Cranes, we’ve spent the last twenty years growing our family business and cementing our reputation for fair pricing and efficient, safe lift jobs.


Our fleet includes a range of franna, city, and mobile slewing class cranes at a range of tonnage and our operators receive ongoing training, ensuring they are qualified in the most recent crane lifting techniques.


Contact us today for Crane and Lifting Services in Sydney

From pool tables to storage containers if you have a lifting job and want the most efficient, highly trained and professional crane crews in the Sydney area, call Wildmans Cranes today.

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