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Slewing Cranes Explained

No matter if you’re new to the world of cranes or if you’re well versed in the industry, it’s incredibly helpful to know what options are out there before you choose a crane for your job. From mobile cranes through to crawler cranes through to truck-mounted cranes, each machine has its specific strengths, and considering the versatility of these machines, you’re bound to find the perfect crane for your job. For instance, a slewing crane may be exactly what you’re after.

The Anatomy of the Slewing Crane

When considering a slewing crane, it’s important to understand the build of the machine, and to understand the roles of the boom and the jib. The boom is the most easily identifiable component of the crane – that is the long arm that is used to shift a load. These can be telescopic, fixed or articulating and typically carry most of the weight. A crane jib on the other hand is the secondary arm that stems from the end of the boom. Often, a jib will offer an extended reach, but this may come at the cost of the crane not being able to lift as heavy a weight that the boom alone could hoist.

What is Unique about a Slewing Crane?

A slewing crane operates in such a way that it can rotate its load whilst the load is suspended from the boom or jib. There is a boom rotating mechanism within slewing cranes that allows the machine to manoeuvre the load during the lift. For example, a slewing crane could pick up a load, rotate 90 degrees clockwise, and then lower the load. On the other hand, non-slewing cranes can pick up a load and raise it higher or lower, but cannot easily change the location of the load, as the boom and jib are not fitted with a rotating mechanism.

Is a Slewing Crane Right for my Job?

Slewing cranes are highly versatile and can handle many jobs that a non-slewing crane could not. The slewing crane needs to be planted in the ground to ensure its stability, meaning that whilst the crane can rotate, the base of the crane is fixed. However, due to the rotating capabilities of a slewing crane, it’s likely that the team at Wildmans Cranes can advise a planting position onsite that will allow the crane to get the job done with minimal hassle.

The team at Wildmans Cranes can provide you with a slewing crane that can lift up to 100 tonnes at a time – however, they do advise that slewing cranes are best suited to larger sites, where the crane has enough room to rotate.

It is also worth considering the use of a mobile slewing crane, in which the boom and jib are mounted on a turntable on the back of a vehicle. Mobile slewing cranes are highly versatile but are limited to smaller loads as they are not land-based.

Contact Wildmans Cranes for your Slewing Crane Hire.

The team at Wildmans Cranes is highly experienced and has a broad knowledge of the numerous types of cranes on offer. If you think that a slewing crane may be the answer to your problem, get in touch with Wildmans Cranes.

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