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Mobile Crane Hire

Mobile Slewing Cranes

General Purpose Mobile Crane

Mobile slewing cranes are used for a variety of construction, heavy industry or general purpose crane work.

We can provide a range of cranes from City Cranes, up to mobile cranes with 100 Tonne capacity, including our popular 40 Tonne Terex All Terrain Crane.

Feel free to Contact Us to discuss your crane requirements.

20 Year Experience
The #1 Mobile Crane Hire in Sydney for quality, licensed & insured heavy lifting, providing mobile cranes to Sydney and beyond!

At Wildmans Cranes, we have decades of combined experience in the crane hire world, and a commitment to
providing industry leading customer service—something you’d expect from a fully family-owned business.
One of our key specializations is in hiring out our fleet of mobile slewing cranes, which are a major part of
large job sites. Continue reading to find out more about slewing cranes and how they can contribute to your

What Are Slewing Cranes?

The term “slewing” refers to a rotation along the Z axis with respect to the horizontal plane. In this regard,
the slewing crane is defined by a mechanism that allows the boom and jib to be rotated.
Slewing mechanisms for cranes are most commonly found on stationary tower cranes. They’ve also been
recorded in history as early as the 14th century, during which they were used for dockside operations.
Mobile slewing cranes mount their boom and jib on a turntable section in the back of the vehicle. This comes
in contrast to non-slewing cranes, which have the crane on a fixed joint, and must move the entire vehicle to
rotate the load.
Slewing cranes employ outriggers once they’re fully deployed, giving them excellent stability while lifting.
These outriggers also confer a very high upper limit for their maximum capacity. Wildmans Cranes’ wide
array of slewing cranes go all the way from tiny city cranes to 100-Tonne powerhouses.

Why Use A Slewing Crane?

Slewing cranes are designed for sites with plenty of space available for the crane to maneuver in.
A slewing crane needs to plant itself in the ground when it gets to work, making it a mostly stationary
emplacement that can’t easily be repositioned.
However, once the slewing crane is in place, it can adapt to a variety of needs, because of the wide arc in
which the crane can be rotated. Besides that, it can also reach loads that are all the way to the rear of the
crane, whereas a non-slewing crane would’ve had to back up into the right spot.

Wildmans Mobile Slewing Crane Hire Sydney

Wildmans Cranes’ extensive experience with mobile slewing cranes makes us the perfect choice for Sydney
crane jobs with heavy demands, whether it’s construction, industrial, or general lifting.
Our licensed operators are constantly on top of the latest equipment and are trained in a variety of crane
methods. They’ll be able to assess your needs and provide you with a lifting solution that is sure to be
satisfactory. No lifting job is too big or small for us—tell us what you need, and we’ll provide a crane hire for
the task at hand.
Contact us now, and we’ll provide you with a free quotation for your job!