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How Franna Cranes Can Benefit Your Business

What is a Franna Crane?

Franna cranes are the most versatile cranes in the industry. Manufactured in Brisbane, these mobile cranes are known for their flexibility, quickness and powerful performance which delivers excellent results on work sites. This pick and carry crane was first developed by Australian engineer Dave Francis in 1980 and is now owned by American heavy equipment manufacturer Terex.

The Franna crane is commonly known as a taxi crane as they can travel on public roads at high speed. Their frame steering allows exceptional manoeuvrability whilst carrying heavy loads and they are ideal for use in narrow spaces. The Franna cranes can come in various sizes and features, however no matter the type of crane, Franna cranes will be reliable and durable. The Franna cranes also have great lifting capacities which varies between 10 to 25 tonnes which means you can accomplish small, lighter tasks as well as large jobs.


Benefits of Franna Crane Hire?

The Franna cranes are dominating the Australian market as they offer more benefits than any other crane. Here are a few reasons why hiring a Franna crane is the best option for your business.

1.     Small Worksites

Due to Franna cranes small footprint and power-assisted steering these cranes can be operated in worksites with limited space which larger cranes would not be able to fit into. Also, Franna cranes do not have stabilisers or outriggers which means they are suitable for small job areas, even for domestic lifts.


2.     Faster Construction Process

Due to Franna cranes efficiency and power-assisted steering, your construction project can be completed in a short period, which means your business will save money on labour costs and keep your project on track.


3.     Transport From One Place To Another- Road Legal

Franna cranes can also be driven on public roads and can even carry heavy loads from one site to another, making it the perfect crane for a project with multiple job sites.


4.     Hassle Free Use From Hiring

Hiring a crane, instead of buying, delivers many benefits to a company. It means there is no wasted time or costs on storage and you only need to pay for the cost of hiring the crane, not for any insurance charges. The team at Wildmans Cranes will also service and repair the Franna crane if parts of the machine fail during the construction period, which is another cost you can happily avoid.


5.     Best Crane For the Individual Job

One of the most significant benefits of Franna crane hire is that you will not be stuck with one type of crane for every job your business takes on. Instead you can pick and choose the best suited crane for each and every job. As using the correct crane for the job is paramount, this will save your company stress and money in the long run.


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