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Does size matter? Why a small mobile crane is perfect for you

Size isn’t everything, and we here to tell you why. From our smaller franna cranes right up to our heaviest mobile slewing cranes we offer machines to suit a variety of budgets, purposes, and situations.

Mobile slewing cranes

Mobile slewing cranes are used for a variety of construction, heavy industry or general-purpose crane work. We provide a range of cranes from city cranes, up to mobile cranes with 100 Tonne capacity, including our popular 40 Tonne Terex All Terrain Crane.

The term “slewing” refers to a rotation along the Z axis with respect to the horizontal plane. In this regard, the slewing crane is defined by a mechanism that allows the boom and jib to be rotated.

Mobile slewing cranes mount their boom and jib on a turntable section in the back of the vehicle. This differs from non-slewing cranes, which have the crane on a fixed joint, and have to move the entire vehicle to rotate the load.

Small is better!

The comparative size of a mobile slewing crane makes it suitable for wide range of building sites. In the inner city or heavily populated urban areas, setting up a larger crane can be impossible. The beauty of these small mobile cranes lies in their ability to fit into smaller spaces.

A slewing crane plants itself in the ground when it gets to work, making it mostly stationary. Once in place, it can adapt to a variety of needs due to the wide arc in which it rotates. It can also reach loads to the rear of the crane, where a non-slewing crane needs to reverse up to the right spot.

Benefits of a small crane

If you’re looking for a safe way of moving heavy loads or placing large items, then Wildmans mobile crane hire is your best option. They are perfect for:

  • Pulling and lifting
  • Loading and unloading
  • Stacking items

Best of all mobile cranes are perfect for moving around various locations. Unlike fixed cranes, mobile slewing cranes can move to several job sites in a day, meaning they can easily meet deadlines and keep construction on track. Completing work on time is essential for building a great reputation, and we are proud of our ability to deliver to our Sydney cranes customer’s deadlines.

Why hire a Wildmans Mobile Slewing Crane in Sydney?

Wildmans Cranes’ extensive experience with mobile slewing cranes makes us the perfect choice for Sydney crane hire jobs with heavy demands, whether it’s construction, industrial, or general lifting. Our fleet includes a range of franna, city, and mobile slewing class cranes at a range of tonnage and our operators receive ongoing training, ensuring they are qualified in the most recent crane lifting techniques.

Contact us today for Crane and Lifting Services in Sydney

If you have a lifting job and want the most efficient, highly trained and professional mobile crane hire crews in the Sydney area, call Wildmans Cranes today.

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