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Whether you are moving a difficult piece of furniture, installing a rooftop fixture or have a building job in the centre of town, the team at Wildmans have the crane and the expertise to see the job completed safely, efficiently and without any fuss. We are a family run company that has been offering professional mobile crane hire services to the Greater Sydney area for over twenty years.

No matter the job, we have a crane in our fleet and an expert operator to see it done right. If you have a site with restricted access that needs a tall lift and the performance to manage heavy loads, our city cranes are the perfect solution.


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20 Year Experience
The #1 Mobile Crane Hire in Sydney for quality, licensed & insured heavy lifting, providing mobile cranes to Sydney and beyond!

What Is A City Crane?

City cranes are from a class of crane developed in the 90’s for the tight, urban confines of Japanese cities. Since their introduction, they have become the favourite for jobs that want a high lift crane that can navigate tight areas and out perform larger machines.

City cranes where a revelation due to their single cabin design, slewing capabilities (turning left/right in addition to up/down) and being mounted on a shorter truck chassi. This created a class of crane that can be driven to site, manoeuvre alleyways and constricted spaces, and begin operations all from the same driver seat. Quickly embraced by the construction and apartment furniture industries, these cranes can now be found in most cities across Australia, and the world.


Benefits of City Cranes:

The strength of the city crane is in its ability to balance manoeuvrability with functionality. There are a variety of features that differentiate modern city cranes from other cranes in our fleet.

  • Short wheelbase. The chassis mounting for a city crane is typically shorter than even a franna crane, and much shorter than a full-sized slewing crane. This allows better access to tight spaces.
  • Single cabin operation. When set for transport, the boom arm and the slewing cabin both face frontal. This allows the operator to drive and conduct lifting operations from the same seat.
  • All wheel turning. Depending on specification, some city cranes feature all-wheel or independent axis turning, allowing for unbeatable turning circles, or even diagonal crab walking. This gives city cranes the edge when relocating on site.


Why Wildmans For City Crane Hire?

The Wildmans reputation is a product of over twenty years of hard work, professional service, and fair pricing. Before every job, our expert operators will assess the lift job, provide a quote for work, and we will honour that price. We pride ourselves on our fair go, upfront pricing without any hidden costs.

All our operators receive constant training and are fully certified to operate their cranes safely, efficiently and get the job done right the first time.

If you have a specialist lift job that needs a city crane, or you just want the best operators available to get the job done first time, call Wildmans today. We are Sydney’s favourite crane specialists, and with services offered across the Sydney Metropolitan area, we have the crane, the crew and the expertise your lift job needs.