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Avoiding Electrical Hazards During Crane Lifting Activities

Electrical hazards are one of the primary dangers on a site, and it’s vital to understand where they appear and why. Wildmans Cranes is a trusted name for mobile crane hire in Sydney, and we are happy to provide our clients with helpful information about staying safe around mobile cranes and minimizing risk and avoiding danger. Here are some important points for how to stay safe around electrics when moving loads with your crane.


While overhead powerlines pose a significant risk, once they have been ruled out prior to crane use, the risk has been eliminated. Electrical hazards still exist around crane use, and the major cause is faulty or overused equipment on site. It’s vital that not only the crane being used is in excellent working order, but that all equipment around the crane is up to an equal standard. Failure of equipment while a crane is in use can be extremely dangerous, so make sure that equipment is being used for its intended purpose, tools are not used in wet weather unless they are intended for this use, and all equipment is appropriately serviced and maintained.


Your crane operator should be trained and experienced in how a crane is assembled and how the environment is made safe. This includes making sure the ground is able to bear the weight of the crane in use, components are assembled correctly and rigging is fit for purpose, and the crane itself is right for the situation. They’ll also check for any signs of defect or malfunction, including vibration, leakage or deformity. They will understand how to read all the indicators provided by the crane itself. This includes signals regarding load, workspace limitation, anti-collision and the crane motion indicator. These all require specialized training and education, so it is vital that your crane operator knows precisely what they are doing with regard to the electrical hazards and dangers around your crane.

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Fortunately, there are many resources available to anyone who’d like to learn more about being safe around cranes and in any other working environment. The Australian Federal, State and Territory Governments have provided information on websites like Safe Work Australia. Training and education is also available through online and in person facilities like OHSA. It never hurts to know more about occupational health and safety, especially with heavy machinery. So take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Wildmans Cranes and Safety

Wildmans have been providing crane hire services for many years, and we strongly encourage all our clients to understand the nature and risks of crane use whenever possible. We provide cranes that are frequently tested and serviced to ensure our clients can stay safe while lifting and moving heavy loads on site. If you are looking for crane lifting services, look no further than Wildmans. We can help you carry your load swiftly and safely.

If your site is humming with power tools and electrics? Wildmans Cranes can help you safely use a crane around electrical hazards. Contact us today.

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